TRANSCRIPT: Prince Owusu on players’ return, training program and more

The cancellation of the 2019/20 football season due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 meant a long break for Vision this year, but Prince Owusu has detailed why he couldn’t wait to get back to work and begin preparations for the new season.

The Eewo lads’ pre-season campaign got underway on Monday morning as they took to the Peduase-Aburi Mountain to regain fitness.

Eighteen players including new signings and successful trialists reported for duty on the first day of pre-season.

“I think most of the players are here; today is the first day as well.  As we got here, we found out that some of them have even reported at the camp so I know by tomorrow we’ll have a full house,” Owusu told in an interview at the training location.

“It looks good too and I’m really happy to see them come back. We’ve been gone for a longer time and I was so eager to see them. They turned up in their numbers today and I’m so happy with them.”

Vision FC this season changed the location of their pre-season physical and fitness drills from the usual Accra Sports Stadium and El-Wak Sports stadium to the mountains.

Owusu explained the choice of this location: “We asked the boys to keep themselves in shape before we start the pre-season and the reason for this is that it’s a long season and everything that you do – the foundation is very important.

“You make sure you have a good start as well so to get them ready for the season; we need to go through hard work, get the body in shape, muscles all well prepared before the league starts so I think this is the best for them.

“We’ll make sure they go through it and I know definitely that if they go through this successfully we’re going to have a good season.”

Prince Owusu and his technical team have tailored the squad’s program for the week with the first three days on being a road trip to the mountain and the rest involving ball work on the pitch and a resting day on Sunday.

“On the mountains [Peduase-Aburi], we are going to be here for three days and after that, we’ll go on our field and take it from there.

“This week, it’s three days here [mountain] and the other three days on the pitch [Amrahia].”

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