Frank Oppong: Staying At Home And Keeping Fit

Frank Kwame Oppong is the next to talk us through how he’s been keeping himself fit and busy at home during the break over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lads are currently on an indefinite break following the directive from H.E President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and the Ghana Football Association’s decision to suspend football activities over the continuous spread of the global #COVID-19.

The skipper took his turn after midfielder Evans Gyau paved the way in this daily feature.

How are you coping at home in the wake of the pandemic?

It’s very sad to live in this era because the pandemic has stopped a lot of things all over the world and even our game – football. It’s difficult staying at home without football.

What has been keeping you company in this period, video games or a tv?

My TV.

Any television series you’ve been catching up with since going home?

No, but I’m catching up with some football matches I didn’t get to see when I was away – the Premier League, La Liga, and the Ghana Premier League.

How much do you miss your teammates and how often do you get in touch with them?

I miss my friends. The mood in the camp, at training et al, is always electrifying. I try to get in touch with them all the time via our social media platforms where we share loads of stuff.

How well have you been trying to get yourself physically in shape at home?

I am not staying idle at home. I try to keep myself fit all the time so I can get back stronger when the pandemic is over.

What message do you have for the fans?

I want them to stay at home as we are doing and listen to the instructions from the authorities because we want the safe so that when we come back we can lit up our stadia. We need their support.

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